3.21.2 International Credential Evaluation Procedure

3.21.2 International Credential Evaluation Procedure

Part 1. Purpose.  

To ensure college credit earned outside of the United States is reviewed in a consistent, fair, and expedited manner for all students 


Part 2. Description 

Central Lakes College will accept International Credit Evaluations from the following agencies: 

World Education Services, Inc., website
P.O. Box 5087
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274-5087
Phone: 212-966-6311 or 800-937-3895
Fax: 212-739-6100 

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., website
P.O. Box 514070
Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470
Phone: 414-289-3400
Fax: 414-289-3411 

Foundation for International Services, Inc., website
505 5th Avenue South, Suite 101
Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: 425-248-2255
Fax: 425-248-2262 

Global Credential Evaluators, Inc., website
P.O. Box 9203
College Station, TX 77842
Phone: 800-707-0979
Fax: 979-690-6342 

These organizations will prepare a report that will provide course title(s), grade(s) and number of credit(s).  Course content will not be provided, so in addition to the International Credential Evaluation, Students are required to obtain course syllabi and/or course descriptions from their college or university to establish any course equivalencies.  Students will be financially responsible for all payments and expenses related to Transcript Evaluations.  Official evaluations should be mailed to the following address: 

Central Lakes College
Records and Registration
501 West College Drive
Brainerd MN  56401 

Date of policy creation: 2/1/2019 

Author: Susan Studniski & Nick Heisserer 

Date of implementation: 2/19/2019 



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