Department Description: The Reading Department at Central Lakes College offers a variety of classes in reading comprehension improvement, critical reading and thinking, vocabulary building, and study methods. It provides a range of class levels based on academic need, and the classes are designed to help students succeed personally, academically, and professionally.

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Select reading strategies appropriate to the purpose and text structure.
  • Independently read and respond to text in critical, creative, and emotional ways.
  • Understand and identify the general sense/main idea of a paragraph or passage, supporting details, and author’s patterns.
  • Develop effective vocabulary-building techniques for reading fluency.

Special Department Information: To guide our students to be independent readers and thinkers, the Reading Department uses a variety of instructional activities including individual, collaborative, and whole class learning. At Central Lakes college, we recognize the various reading experiences and skill levels our students have. Therefore, we attempt to provide an atmosphere that fosters encouragement and acceptance of different ideas and opinions for optimum success.


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