7.9.3 Grant Reporting Standard Operating Procedure

7.9.3 Grant Reporting Standard Operating Procedure

Purpose and Scope:  State the intent, objectives, and extent of coverage of the SOP.
To establish roles and responsibilities for the reporting of grants.

Procedural Steps and Responsibilities:  document specific, procedural, step-by-step instructions.  List titles and departments responsible for specific aspects of the SOP. 

Grant Programs Staff Responsibilities

  • Responsibility of program reporting (narratives, RAD, etc.) and secondary review by Program Director.
  • Timely completion and submission to business office 2 weeks prior to due dates.

Business Office Staff Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility of financial reporting preparation and secondary review by business office staff.
  • Timely completion and submission of combined report to grant signatory (or designee) 1 week prior to due dates.

Grant Signatory (vice-president/executive level) Responsibilities:

  • Enforce timely completion of grant reporting.
  • Submission and certification of the reports to grantor.





Date of Implementation/Presidential Approval: 7/1/2013

Date of last review: 9/30/2020

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