3.40 Transfer Appeal Policy

3.40 Transfer Appeal Policy

Part 1. Purpose

To establish equitable practices for students seeking applicability of transfer credits and appealing transfer decisions.

Part 2. Definitions

Transfer. The evaluation of course(s) and credit(s) awarded by a college, university, or other education provider and the application of them toward academic program and/or degree requirements at a college or university.

Transfer appeal. A written request submitted by a student for review of decisions made on how courses or credits were or were not accepted for transfer to meet program/major requirements or electives.

Part. 3 College Policy

Central Lakes College complies with Minnesota State System Policies and Procedures for evaluating transfer courses and credits, including Undergraduate Course Credit and Credit Transfer and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (Policy 3.21); Transfer of Undergraduate Courses, Credit, Associate Degrees and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (Procedure 3.21.1 Part 9); and Transfer Rights and Responsibilities (Policy 3.39).

Students have the right to appeal course and credit transfer decisions. See Central Lakes College Procedure 3.40.1 for details on this process.

Date of Implementation: 3/31/2021

Date of last review: 3/31/2021

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