3.22 Course Syllabi and Course Outlines Policy

3.22 Course Syllabi and Course Outlines Policy

Part 1. Purpose. The course syllabus is prepared to provide students with information on the course content, course requirements, and course expectations. Each course syllabus will be developed and/or revised by instructional faculty.

Part 2. Definitions.

Course syllabus: A document that contains elements of the corresponding common course outline, *standards for evaluation of student learning and additional information, which reflects the creative work of the faculty member.

*Common Course Outline: The course outline is the document approved by the College’s Academic Affairs and Standards Council and shall include the course title, course description, prerequisites, total credits, lecture/lab breakdown, and student learner outcomes.

Part. 3. Dissemination to Students.

Each student will receive a copy of the course syllabus on the first day of attendance. When courses are offered in a condensed format, the time frame for distribution of the syllabus shall be adjusted accordingly.

Part 4. Dissemination to College or University Administration.

The faculty member shall, upon request, provide a copy of the syllabus to the College administration, which will be maintained in a master file in a central location on each campus.

Part 5. Course Outlines.

Subpart A. Course outline dissemination. Course outlines for all courses are posted on our institutional website.

Subpart B. Student transfer. Course outlines shall be the official system document used to determine course equivalencies for student transfers.

Date of Implementation/Presidential Approval: 12/10/2008

Date of last review: 12/16/2020

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