3.2 Student Data Practices Policy and Procedure

3.2 Student Data Practices Policy and Procedure

Data Privacy Notice Regarding Student Admissions & Registration Tennessen Warning

Central Lakes College is asking you to provide information which includes private information under state and Federal law. Central Lakes College is asking for this private information so that the College can process your application for admissions or your Limited Enrollment registration at Central Lakes College.

You are not legally required to provide the information Central Lakes College is requesting and you may refuse to provide some or all of the information requested. However, Central Lakes may not be able to finalize your admission to or your registration at the College if you do not provide sufficient information. With some exceptions, unless you consent to further release of private information, access to this information will be limited to individuals in the Office of Records and Registration. However federal and state law do authorize release of private information without your consent to:

  • Other school officials, including faculty within the College/University, who have legitimate educational interests in the information (financial aid, business office, disability services, veteran’s affairs, etc.);
  • other schools in which you seek or intend to enroll, or are enrolled, if you are first notified of the release;
  • the federal Comptroller General or other federal, state or local education officials for purposes of program compliance, audit or evaluation;
  • as appropriate in connection with your application for, or receipt of, financial aid;
  • the juvenile justice system, if you are a juvenile, and the information is necessary, prior to adjudication, to determine the juvenile justice system’s ability to serve you;
  • an alleged victim of sexual assault, if you are the alleged perpetrator of the assault, and the release is of the results of a disciplinary proceeding against you related to the alleged crime;
  • a court, grand jury, or state or federal agency, if the information is sought with a subpoena;
  • an institution engaged in research for an educational institution or agency related to testing, student aid, or improved instruction;
  • an accrediting organization in connection with its accrediting functions;
  • Appropriate persons in connection with an emergency, if necessary to protect your health or safety or the health or safety of others; if required by a court order, or permitted by other state or federal law.

Social Security Numbers:

Many college and universities use social security numbers for student identification purposes on student records. Providing your social security number is voluntary. If you do not provide this number, your application will still be processed. This data is requested for purposes of administration, program evaluation, consumer data, and aligning your student record with your veteran’s and/or financial aid record. Your number also may be used to create summary information about MinnState programs through data matches with other state agencies.

* This notice is required when collecting private data from an individual.
Minn. Stat. Sect. 13.04, Subd.2.  This has sometimes been referred to as the “Tennessen Warning.”


Date of Implementation/Presidential Approval:  06/01/2009

Date of last review: 11/15/2021

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