3.17 President’s & Dean’s Lists Policy

3.17 President’s & Dean’s Lists Policy

Policy Statement:

Students earning a GPA of 3.25 or above will be placed on one of the academic achievement lists to indicate above-average performance. Only students with at least 12 earned credits (A, B, C, D, F) and no incomplete (I) or missing grades as of the last day of the semester will be eligible for the academic achievement lists.            

Criteria for the lists include:

3.25 – 3.74 semester GPA for the Dean’s List
3.75 – 4.00 semester GPA for the President’s List.

Each list may be announced and sent to area newspapers for publication.


Date of Implementation/Presidential Approval:  03/05/07

Date of last review: 3/18/2024

Updated 3/18/2024 to exclude students with missing grades since the GPA will change once the grades are posted at a later date.

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