College and Career Studies

College and Career Studies

Department Description: College and Career Studies courses are designed to assist students in learning college and career success strategies and life management skills. These courses focus on development of the whole person and help students identify personal, educational, and career goals as well as make satisfying decisions for transition to the workforce as productive members of society. The learning and self-management skills developed in college and career courses can serve a lifetime. These courses do not lead to a major but are designed to provide students with the skills necessary for achieving personal, academic, and career success.

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of self through exploration of interests, personal values and personality traits.
  • Develop and apply a repertoire of study skill strategies to optimize their academic success.
  • Develop and apply job-search strategies that will lead to more effective marketing of their occupational skills.
  • Develop and articulate a personal definition of a “successful life.”

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Deana Bobzien

ABE / Math Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8339
suzie karsnia

Suzie Karsnia

Phone: 218-855-8015
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Robb Kolodziej

Biology Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8268
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Greg Medeck

Football Coach
Phone: 218-855-8212
kate porter

Kate Porter

English Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8000 ext. 8339
Alita Reque-Peterson

Alita Reque-Peterson

Psychology Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8292
Tracy Tschida

Tracy Tschida

Psychology Instructor
Phone: 2188-855-8328

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