Assurance Argument

Assurance Argument (The CLC Story)

As part of the comprehensive evaluation process, CLC submits an Assurance Argument, along with supporting evidence (called the Evidence File), to demonstrate that it is in compliance with HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. The team of peer reviewers conducting the comprehensive evaluation reviews these materials in preparation for an on-site visit. The Assurance Argument tells the CLC Story of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Below you will find the CLC Story presented in a variety of formats, including 1) a brief, self guided powerpoint, 2) in chapter format, and 3) a full, unabridged version of the argument, including a list of evidence submitted for each component.. 

Executive Summary PowerPoint Presentation:  PDF Version Here   PowerPoint Version (with notes) Here

• Prologue: The Executive Summary

• Chapter One: Mission

• Chapter Two: Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

• Chapter Three: Teaching & Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

• Chapter Four: Teaching & Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

• Chapter Five: Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

• Assurance Argument: Full Version

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