Additional Reports

Additional Reports

Federal Compliance

As part of CLC’s accreditation process, we must demonstrate that the college complies with specific regulations outlined by the U.S. Department of Education. Areas reviewed include:

  • Assignment of credits, program length, and tuition
  • Institutional mechanisms for handling student complaints
  • Publication of transfer policies
  • Practices for verification of student identity
  • Protection of student privacy
  • Publication of student outcome data
  • Standing with state and other accreditors
  • Recruiting, admissions, and related institutional practices

The full process may be viewed on the HLC Federal Compliance Program page.

Central Lakes College federal compliance filing materials may be viewed here (pdf)

Multi-Location Visit Report

CLC conducts operations at the Brainerd and Staples campuses, as well as courses at many area high schools that apply towards the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. In 2021, HLC conducted a multi-location site visit to verify the quality, rigor, and sustainability of these academic offerings. The report filed with HLC may be viewed here and the HLC response to the report may be viewed here. That report may be viewed here. The HLC Response to the filing may be viewed here.

Student Opinion Survey

As part of its 10-year comprehensive evaluation, CLC is required to solicit comments from students, and is happy to do so! This survey will be conducted in February, 2023. Results, when available, will be published here.

Mid-Cycle Assurance Review

In Year 4 of the 10-year comprehensive evaluation cycle, an institution completes an assurance review to ensure it is continuing to meet the HLC Criteria for Accreditation. The institution submits an Assurance Filing that demonstrates the institution is in compliance with the Criteria and has pursued institutional improvement efforts. A peer review team evaluates these materials and makes a recommendation to the Institutional Actions Council (IAC) regarding the institution’s compliance with HLC requirements and whether monitoring should be required. The IAC will take final action if monitoring is recommended by the team.

CLC filed it’s mid-cycle Assurance Review in 2017. View 2017 Assurance Arguments here. View 2017 Team Final Report here.

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