COVID-19 and the Campus Community

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Fall Semester 2021 – Important Information for Students

Fall Semester 2021 - Important Information for Students The staff and faculty of Central Lakes College are thrilled to welcome you to fall semester on August 23! This semester is going to be great – full of in-person campus activities and opportunities, as well as student life, cultural and performing arts events. Your education, health and well-being are paramount to our path moving forward. As we approach the start of this academic year, we would...

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Updated Masking Guidance

Dear students,  In just a few weeks, you will be joining us for New Student Orientation Day on Friday, August 20, and for the first day of fall semester on Monday, August 23. Like you, we are expecting great things for our fall semester, with all the education choices, including face-to-face classes and campus activities, you have come to expect from CLC.   Your education, health and well-being are paramount to our path moving forward. As we approach the...

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CLC will be better than ever this fall

CLC will be better than ever this fall Central Lakes College is excited to be returning this fall to the rich array of experiences for which CLC is known, including in-person learning, athletics an many other on-campus student activities. “While we will always prioritize the health and safety of the college community, we are confident in our decision to return to a better than normal fall semester,” said Dr. Hara Charlier, President of Central Lakes...

Important Information about COVID-19

The College is committed to taking all necessary steps to protect the health and safety of our faculty, staff and students.

This is a rapidly evolving situation; the most up-to-date information can be found through the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This page is intended to provide information about COVID-19, precautions that are being taken and prevention measures you can take. It is not all-encompassing and should not be considered to be providing medical or legal advice. Please consult with a relevant expert for more thorough answers to specific concerns or questions.

CLC contact Kari Christiansen, Vice President of Administrative Services at or (218) 855-8060

COVID-19 Notice

Central Lakes College holds as paramount the health, safety and welfare of every member of its community. Central Lakes College however, cannot guarantee a COVID-19-free environment. Unfortunately, the risk of COVID-19 exposure exists in all public places where people are present. Central Lakes College is taking all recommended steps to mitigate this risk, but we cannot categorically guarantee you will not get sick. Minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infections (or any other spread of disease) at Central Lakes College is a shared responsibility. As outlined below, every member of our community – including you – must do their part. Understand that if you return to the physical campus of Central Lakes College, there is a risk you may contract COVID-19 and that illness, injury or death is a possible result.

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