Course Delivery Options

Course Delivery Options for Fall Semester 2020

Flexible Learning Options with the College
CLC has created even more delivery methods with a focus on putting you in control of your learning experience.

You’ll find descriptions of Central Lakes College’s course delivery methods below. You can use these to decide how best to proceed with your studies based on your delivery preference. Not every course is offered in each delivery method, so please check the delivery method column in eServices for details.

HyFlex (NEW)
These real-time, online classes may include optional in-person components. Synchronous meeting days/times are listed in the schedule.

In-person. No online components. All course meetings are in-person, on campus.

25-75% of instruction is online with regularly scheduled, in-person meetings.

Online Asynchronous
All instruction is delivered online, with no scheduled meetings or required real-time attendance. Students do the course work at the times they choose, accessing instructional materials online in D2L. There is still a set schedule with due dates.

Online Synchronous
All instruction is delivered online, with required, real-time meetings. Classes are held on a set schedule, and students virtually attend an instructor-led session on a regular basis. Days and times of meetings appear on the course schedule.

Mostly Online
75% of instruction is delivered online, with up to two possible in-person meetings and up to four required, proctored exams.

Instruction is delivered in-person and/or online. Classes will have real-time class meetings online, and students can also choose to attend in person, on campus.  See the course notes section for attendance and recording options for each class. Real-time attendance is required unless otherwise noted.

Special Note:
Online Synchronous, Live Online and Hy-flex course delivery methods require virtual, real time attendance. Students must have regular access to a computer, webcam, reliable internet, and be comfortable using technology.

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Course Delivery Options
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