6.11 Skateboarding and Other Recreational Activities

6.11 – Skateboarding and other Recreational Activities Policy

Certain recreational activities, including skateboarding, long-boarding, rollerblading, and cycling, are permitted on the Central Lakes College campus on paved areas with the understanding that these activities may be restricted to hours which do not conflict with the normal class schedule.  Recreational Items not be allowed to use inside the buildings. 

Tricks or other artistic expression while skateboarding or cycling will not be permitted on campus.  Skateboarding or cycling is not permitted in/on locations that could cause damage to College property.  

Those using long-boards and skateboards as transportation are not restricted as to time and place. They are, however, cautioned against boarding at high rates of speed in areas frequented by pedestrians and motor vehicles.  

Cycling is restricted to designated streets/sidewalks and maintained pathways on campus, and riders shall yield to pedestrians. Cycling is not permitted on stairways.  

No parkour type activities utilizing college buildings, structures, equipment, or vehicles are allowed. Highlining and rappelling are not permitted on campus.  

Personal Assistive mobility devices (e.g. Segways) may only be used in college buildings in order to accommodate a disability or on college business or to be moved directly to and from storage or recharging areas.   

The use of hover boards is not permitted on college property.  Charging of hover boards will not be authorized on college property.    

Due to the increased risk of injury, the use of non-program related vehicles are prohibited from being operated in the Heavy Equipment Training Areas located on Staples West Campus.  

Anyone involved in listed recreational activities will be responsive to requests from College officials to cease their activities should their recreation become problematic in a particular area. Campus Security will enforce this policy and continue to work with the CLC community to ensure that these activities remain safe, not only for participants, but also for pedestrians who may be in the area.  

It is strongly recommended that whomever is involved in these recreational activities use appropriate safety equipment including helmets, kneepads and elbow pads as necessary. The College supports these recreational activities by members of the Central Lakes College community when these activities can be done safely and when those involved respect the multiple use of designated areas.  

Anyone involved in recreational activities are also encouraged to utilize other designated recreational areas within the Brainerd or Staples community and through club-organized activities, both on their own and in concert with other organized club sports.  

These recreational activities all have inherent risks, mostly associated with falling with the potential result of bruises or scrapes, and in more serious falls, broken bones and dislocated joints, and in the most serious cases permanent injury and possibly even death. The College’s position regarding participation in such activities is that the participant does so at her or his own risk. Participants are responsible for conducting these activities in a safe manner and will be responsible for any injuries to bystanders or damage to property caused by their activities. 

Failure to conduct any of these activities in a safe manner shall be considered a violation of this policy.  


Creation Date:  April 1, 2016 

Author:  Dave Davis, Director of Security 

Date of Implementation: July 01, 2016 




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