Vehicle Maintenance Policy Utilization & Maintenance of CLC Vehicles Policy & Procedure


Part 1: Expectations of CLC Drivers 

All CLC Faculty, Staff, and Students who wish to use CLC vehicles must possess a valid driver’s license, and submit their driver’s license upon request yearly to be logged as eligible drivers. Eligible drivers must obey all traffic laws and represent CLC in a professional manner. Eligible drivers must record their driving activities (miles, gas tank status, miles driven, cost center) in the vehicle checkout book. Drivers shall return vehicles to CLC with at least a ¾ full gas tank, and ensure that the car is clean and in good driving conditions. Any traffic violations or accidents that occurred while the eligible driver was using the vehicle must be reported to Central Lakes College.  


Part 2: Unscheduled Vehicle Maintenance  

In the event that a CLC Vehicle is flagged for needing unexpected maintenance or cleaning, the Campus Information and Services Staff will submit an electronic work order to the Maintenance Department.  The log of maintenance work orders will be maintained. The CLC Maintenance Department Staff will inspect the vehicle(s) and will report back to Campus Information and Services Staff with the following outcomes: 

  1. No Action Needed.   
  1. Contractual Maintenance Service Required.  Campus Information and Services Staff will schedule an appointment with a vendor that will pick up and return the vehicle for maintenance. 
  1.  CLC Staff/Faculty Service Needed:  Campus Information and Services Staff will contact the last driver of the vehicle prior to the vehicle being reported as dirty or needing to have the gas tank filled and request that the staff or faculty service the vehicle.  
  1. The Staff/Faculty who will be responsible to service the vehicle should contact maintenance to obtain necessary sanitary disposal items (gloves, bags, etc.) to service the vehicle.  Campus Information and Services will maintain a log of offenses.  After three (3) recorded offenses the individual will be removed of all driving privileges for one (1) year.  The log of offenses will be stored by the Department. 
  1. If the individual refuses to service the vehicle within 24 hours and does not contact Campus Information and Services Staff, the Campus Information and Services Supervisor will contact the individual’s Supervisor to investigate and act accordingly. The staff will no longer be able to check out a vehicle for the remainder of the fiscal year. The supervisor contacted will be expected to ensure the vehicle is serviced. 

Part 3 Scheduled Maintenance: 
Campus Information and Services Staff will schedule yearly DOT inspections for bussing with a vendor that will pick up and return the vehicle to CLC Campuses. 

Date of policy creation: February 7th, 2014  

Author: Nick Heisserer, Director of Enrollment Services  

Date of implementation: March 1st, 2014 

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