5.12.3 Common Framework of Key Payment Related Dates Procedure

5.12.3  Payment Related Dates and Registration Cancellation Procedure


Part 1. Purpose  

To establish a consistent structure of due dates for tuition and fee payments and the registration cancellation process.  

Part 2. Tuition and Fee Payment Related Dates   

Central Lakes College is required to adhere to the following tuition and fee payment framework.   


  1. The financial obligation date is fifteen business days prior to the start of the term.   
  1. Start of the term is the first day classes are held.  
  1. Central Lakes College shall run the Registration Cancellation process for unpaid credit registrations on the sixth business day of the term.  
  1. Full payment is due twenty-five business days after the start of the term unless the student has obtained an approved tuition and fee payment plan.  


Part 3. Registration Cancellation  

Central Lakes College may begin using the Registration Cancellation process for unpaid credit registrations fifteen business days prior to the start of the term through the end of the fifth business day of the term.  


Using the Registration Cancellation process, Central Lakes College shall cancel student registration for all credit courses unless one of the following conditions has been met:  


  1. The student has paid 15 percent  of the tuition and fees due or made a $350 down payment towards tuition and fees, whichever is less;  
  1. An Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) has been received by the college or university;  
  1. The student has enrolled in a NelNet payment plan; 
  1. The student has received an approved third party funding deferral and the college is in possession of an authorization, in an amount adequate to cover charges; 
  1. The student has received an approved deferral at the college or university; or  
  1. The student has received an approved waiver at least equal to the amount of tuition and fees due.  


Central Lakes College has the authority to grant exceptions to the Registration Cancellation process based on individual student circumstances. When an exception is granted, the Central Lakes College shall document the reasons for granting the exception to the Registration Cancellation process.   


Subpart A. Drop for Non-Payment Re-Adding Procedure.  

If a student’s class registration is cancelled for non-payment at the end of the free drop/add period, the student may re-register for classes, depending on class availability, instructor permission and provided appropriate payment arrangements are made.  Only courses cancelled for non-payment may be added.  Students do not need to re-add all courses cancelled.  After the 25th business day of the semester, students will not be allowed to re-register.   


Students enrolled in internship programs are exempt from registration cancellation.  If a student does not intend to participate in their internship, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the college of that decision and drop the course.



Date of policy creation: April 26, 2017 

Author(s): Christina Anderson, Director of Business & Auxiliary Services 



Date of implementation: May 01, 2017 






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