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About the Department

Visual arts in evidence at Central Lakes College feature two- and three- dimensional creativity among students through a full range of courses and professionally adjudicated competition showcased in the Central Lakes College Gallery. Studio arts such as drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography build understanding of self and the human landscape of emotion. Through field trips to urban galleries and museums, students develop skills that enable them to produce art and experience the creative, decision-making process. Unique exhibits, such as rare Ojibwe photographs, may be combined with college programming such as Cultural Thursday to expand the breadth and depth of understanding.

Whether the student explores autumn landscape photography, American Indian art, the history of art, or independent study, the goal is further appreciation for tools and media, the elements that reflect a conscious thought process with sensual reward. Courses taught by working artists communicate the essentials and the enhancements to be found in black and white, color, landscape, wildflower, and digital photography, drawing, painting, and ceramics. The curriculum includes surveys of art history to chart human creativity as well as exploration of multicultural art from around the world. The CLC graduate who has devoted time to creativity in studio arts may apply the knowledge as an art educator or career professional in a craft of choice. At the least, the experience in art at CLC should foster a higher level of intellectual engagement.


Department Information

Department Description

Department Description: The Art Department serves students planning to major or minor in Studio Art or Art Education, as well as students seeking to fulfill liberal arts requirements for transfer. Students will develop the skills necessary to produce art and experience the creative decision making process, enabling students to develop individual excellence in their work. Through art history classes, students will develop an understanding of the unfolding of the arts through time and contributions made through art to the larger culture.

Learning Outcomes

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate proper use of tools and media
  • Understand and apply the elements and principles of visual composition
  • Make artwork that reflects a conscious thought process

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities: Students completing a bachelor’s degree in Art are frequently encouraged to attend graduate school to continue their development, eventually becoming self-employed studio artists. Art Education majors may go on to teach in the K-12 school system.


DSC_0239Casey Hochhalter
Primarily working in ceramic sculpture, Casey Hochhalter investigates the interaction of nature’s systems and the immensity of imagination. He is a Studio Art Instructor with experience in two and three dimensional design, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, digital photography, airbrush painting, and art appreciation. Casey received a Masters of Fine Arts from Illinois State University, Normal, focusing his studies on balancing content and form with the traditions and current critical thought of ceramic art. He earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Minnesota State University, Mankato, majoring in ceramics and minoring in art history. Casey’s success as an artist and writer has earned him grant support for experimental research projects. His work has been presented in a number of highly regarded national and international exhibitions and publications. Email Casey for more information

022Bruce Fuhrman
Instructor at Central Lakes College since 1994. Department: Visual/Studio Art.  He teaches courses in the Photography, Art Appreciation, Art History, Video and Graphic Arts. Educational background/degrees: (Masters of Science) Southwest State University-Marshall, MN; (Masters Studies of Fine Art) Regis University- Denver, CO; (Bachelors of Science) Minnesota State University- Moorhead MN; (Technical Diploma) Central Lakes College – Staples MN.  Prior to coming to CLC, Fuhrman spent eleven years in corporate management in the photo industry. He currently owns and operates a Minnesota game farm & hatchery, and is a three sport, varsity coach at Staples Motley High School. He enjoys his family, writing books, home design/construction, event photography, art presentation, and recreation sports. Email Bruce for more information

Student Testimonials

Jillian Yde

I have taken Autumn Landscaping, Color Photography and I am currently taking Color Photography II, all of which I have taken with Steve Kohls. I have enjoyed every one of them. Each photography class I have taken, I have grown as an artist. Steve has helped and encouraged me to do what I like and what best suits my style of work. He has taught me that having a different style is much more than okay, it is actually preferred. I have learned so much not only about photography but about myself. I have found a passion for photography and now not only do I do it for class, I do it as a hobby in my spare time. One thing that stands out to me the most about Steve is that he takes the time to work with each student individually. He takes the time to learn what their style is about, and the meaning behind their work. He has a passion for photography and watching his students succeed. He is a great teacher and a great role model for his students. The tools and knowledge I have gained will continue to benefit my future. Each semester, I try to take one class that I really enjoy to help the semester go a little better. Photography classes have been that for me. I am so glad that I was able to enjoy these classes, and to have Steve as a teacher. I will take the knowledge I have learned and the experiences I have gained, and I will put them to use for the rest of my life. I will continue with photography even after I have completed the classes. I am so thankful for the opportunity to take these classes.

Amber Filkins

I am so grateful for what a knowledgeable, encouraging, and friendly instructor he is. He has challenged me in ways I did not expect from a photography instructor, and has been integral in pointing me towards my goals. I would encourage every student to take at least one of Steve’s courses, even if you don’t have photography goals. He is really fun to be around and his classes are enjoyable, to say the least. They are rewarding, challenging, exciting, enlightening, and for me, they have been life changing.


Employment Statistics

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