CLC Student Office 365 Migration Information Center

Welcome to the CLC Student Office 365 migration information center.

After consultation with CLC Student Senate, and CLC Faculty Shared Governance, the decision was made to change the e-mail system for CLC Students from Google Gmail to Office 365.  This change will become effective May 30, 2016.

Why are students migrating to Office 365?

This project brings many benefits to CLC Students:

  • Many other MinnState campuses are currently using, or are migrating to Office 365.  Having a common e-mail system enables better sharing and collaboration.
  • Eventually, students will be able to utilize a single e-mail account when taking classes at multiple MinnState campuses, or transferring between campuses.
  • Being on the same e-mail system as CLC Faculty and Staff increases communication, sharing and collaboration opportunities.
  • Free download of Office software suite for installation on personal home computers.

What is the timeline for the project?

  • May 29th, 2016 – e-mail delivery is changed from Gmail to Office 365
  • May 30th, 2016 – Office 365 for CLC Students is officially live, and students may begin using their accounts

What will my e-mail address be?

All current and future CLC students will have a Office 365 e-mail address in the format of <first name>.<last name>@go.clcmn.edu

In addition, students that previously had a CLC Google Gmail account will have an additional e-mail address in the old format (abcd1234@go.clcmn.edu) that will deliver e-mail to the same Office 365 Inbox.  This will ensure e-mail addressed to the old address will still get delivered to the student.

Will my existing Google e-mail and documents be transferred to Office 365?

No, existing Google Apps content (e-mail, documents, files, etc.) will not be transferred to Office 365.  However, students can self-migrate content if they wish.  Existing Google Apps accounts will remain accessible until at least 12/31/2016, and students can log in as before to forward e-mail and copy files.  Please contact our Help Desk if you would like assistance with migrating your files from Google Apps to Office 365.

When can I begin using my new Office 365 account?

Accounts will be ready for use on or before May 30th, 2016.

Student Office 365 accounts remain active for 365 days after the date of last enrollment in classes.

Login to your new Office 365 account

Login URL: https://login.microsoftonline.com

Login with your Student StarID in the format: <Your StarID>@go.minnstate.edu  (example: ab1234cd@go.minnstate.edu)

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