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Web cam ready for osprey

Crow Wing Power, Consolidated Telephone Co., and Brainerd Public Utilities are partners with Central Lakes College’s Natural Resources Program in a Web Cam project that hopes to provide streaming video of a Brainerd campus osprey nest. Crow Wing Power donated electrical equipment, including a camera valued at $1,000 and two poles worth $700 to hold platforms provided by the college for nesting osprey and the camera to observe their activity in and around the nest above the Mississippi River on the south side of campus. The nest platform was installed last autumn. CTC donated the transmitter for the wireless feed. Brainerd Public Utilities plowed the electric service to the pole. Kelly Story, Adam Dolen, Jake Dehne, and Karl Martinson from Crow Wing Power installed the camera equipment to a precise point for optimal wireless Internet transmission. Head Electrician Pat Goff installed the related electrical equipment. Shawn Fortune from CTC worked on the wireless transmission for high-speed Internet, and Wayne Knopf and Jason Cave worked the video camera. CLC student Beth Walters had built the Web cam platform and cover. Scott Streed from the college’s IT Department aligned the rooftop receiver which will relay the signal to viewing screens in computers throughout the world via the Web.

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