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Fall 2015 Cultural Thursday speakers, dates named


Central Lakes College’s Cultural Thursday series will continue this Fall with four presentations. More information will be released as dates near. All events will take place on the Brainerd campus.

* At noon and 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3 in E354: CLC Sociology instructor Gary Payne will share images and reflections from his last trip to Cuba. This presentation will encourage some students and community members to participate in CLC’s Cuba program in March 2016 and give some perspective to those who are planning to enroll.

* At noon Thursday, Oct. 1 in the Chalberg Theatre: Former CLC Spanish instructor Jan Kurtz will share photos and anecdotes from her Spring 2015 trip to Peru with Brainerd High School students and staff.

* At noon Thursday, Nov. 5 in E471: Former Brainerd elementary principal Jeff DeVaney will speak on his experiences and share photos from his time as principal of the American Creative Academy in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

* At noon Thursday, Dec. 3 in E471: Former superintendent of Brainerd Public Schools Robert Gross (currently serving as interim superintendent) will speak on his administrative experiences overseas. He spent eight years as superintendent of schools at the Singapore American School in Singapore (1999-2007), one year (2012-13) in Abu Dhabi as superintendent at the American Community School and one year (2013-14) in Vienna as superintendent at the American International School. He also spent five years (2007-12) working with the Office of Overseas Schools, US Department of State calling on International schools in Western and Eastern Europe.

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