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CLC welcomes Jess Feierabend as Meat Cutting & Butchery instructor

Meet Jess Feierabend, CLC’s new Meat Cutting & Butchery instructor.

His passion for the industry started at age 14, when he worked at Matt’s Meats near Rochester, cleaning the shop during the week and helping on the slaughter floor on weekends.

By 18, the Brainerd native took on the role of Meat Manager at Shwiky Meats in northeast Brainerd, leading the business for several years. Finally, before coming to CLC, he spent the last decade at Costco, first as a cutter and then as the meat manager.


  1. Why did you choose to come to CLC and lead our new Meat Cutting & Butchery Program?

This position gives me aspiration to further my career and still stay local. I like the teaching aspect. I like that I’ll be able to share my experiences and what I have done in the last 17 years. This is my passion. I’m excited to share that with my students.

2. What is your goal for the program?

I want to teach the farm-to-fork concept of meat cutting. I want these students to be able to open their own shops and to help create more of a resource for our local farmers. By creating more meat processors, we’ll give farmers the opportunity to make more on their products. My goal is to inspire students to take on this vital role and get into the meat industry. I want to help them develop and navigate the passion that I found in it.

3. What do you want people to know about the Meat Cutting & Butchery Program?

This program is for everyone, whether you are just interested in knowing about meat cutting & butchery or if want to pursue a career in the field. It’s something everyone should have a little knowledge in. Here at CLC, you will get that one-on-one relationship with the instructor and the hands-on education you need to be successful.

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