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CLC welcomes Abbey Rushmeyer as Medical Assistant instructor

Tell us about yourself and why you chose CLC 

I graduated from this program at CLC five years ago. I’ve always wanted to help people.  

I chose CLC because their number one concern is their students. CLC wants each student to have their own personal experience while getting an education. I feel students learn better when they feel welcomed and important.  

What do you want people to know about your program? 

In the Medical Assistant Program, students gain hands-on skills in administrative, clinical and laboratory techniques that can be applied to several different areas of healthcare. If you are thinking about a career in health care, but aren’t sure what field you want to pursue, with this program you do have options. Through the summer internship program, the students will gain on-the-job experience and gain the confidence to begin their careers in health care. 

What are you goals for the program? 

I want to teach my students the skills they need and have fun while learning. With my knowledge and experience as a medical assistant, I am confident that I can provide my students excellent learning opportunities that will help them become successful medical assistants.   

The medical field is always evolving, so the need for medical assistants is always high. My goal is to let people know what the program is all about and get them excited about a career in health care and find ways to expand their interest in the program. 

Anything else you would like to add?  

 If you take pride in your work and have the passion to help others like myself, then medical assisting can be for you.   

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