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Student Profile: Nicolas Lanham

Nicolas Lanham came to Central Lakes College because it was close to home, affordable and he heard good things about the school. He never imagined he’d embark on a new journey in the Honors Program and become the 2020 Commencement student speaker.

It all started when Adam Marcotte, Honors Program coordinator, walked up to Nicolas at a CLC class registration event and talked about all of the benefits of the program

“At first, I thought that it was cool but not for me. After studying the paperwork and a talking to my parents I decided to give it a try,” 20-year-old Nicolas said.

He started with Honors Leadership and Honors Composition I and after enjoying the small class sizes and personal instruction, decided to continue on in the program.

“I was part of the Honors Leadership class where I was able to meet some students and become part of the CLC community. I had a fun time learning about leadership and getting involved in CLC,” he added.

Plus, he was able to really get to know his Honors instructors!

It’s in his Honors courses that Nicolas really honed in on his leadership skills, as well as speech and writing.

“I also got connected to a community of students that have the same motivation and drive as I do,” he said.

Adam said Nicolas adds a lot to classes and the school.

“Nicolas is a reflective and thoughtful student who offers a familiar smile to anyone walking the CLC halls,” Adam said. “As a leader, he has leveraged his research skills and consequent findings to greatly impact how the college community understands the concept gratefulness. Additionally, Nicolas seeks out ways to inhabit our primary goals, to ‘explore, aspire, and lead’ at every turn, all while modeling excellence for his peers and inspiring those around him.”

Nicolas, originally from Aiktin, graduates in May with his A.A. (Honors) Degree and an Entrepreneurship Certificate. He plans to transfer to St. Cloud Technical and Community College to earn a degree in Electrical Construction Technology. Next, he will move back to the Brainerd lakes area, where he would like to be a business owner and an electrician.

His advice to students: “I would recommend working hard to learn all that you can from the Honors classes. I also would recommend not taking the easy route; be willing to put in the extra work and go the extra mile in all of your classes because this is where you see the most results. I would tell potential Honors students that the Honors Program is not just about extra work — it is about leadership. You get the opportunity to be a leader in both the school and the program. You also get the opportunity to have in impact on the students of CLC and on the future of the college.”

Learn more about the CLC Honors Program: clcmn.edu/honors

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