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Q&A with Brainerd Student Senate President, commencement speaker Shayla Makowski- Budrow

Why did you choose CLC?

I am a PSEO student from Brainerd Senior High School. I had two choices either stay at the high school or go to CLC. I choose to come here for multiple reasons. For one, I wanted to get my AA done with no debt. Its crazy to me that most high school students don’t do this! Like who wouldn’t want free college? I also felt I wasn’t thriving as I should at the high school and I was right: I found who I truly was at CLC and found my voice.

What was it like taking college and high school classes? (challenges, advantages)

Well, when I came to college my junior year it was a struggle. I jumped right in with two very hard classes in that semester and it ended up biting me in the butt. The amount of freedom I received compared to the college – I took it for granted. After the first semester things became easier. The biggest difference between my first semester and the rest of my semesters is my involvement in the college. My first semester I held onto the high school and I’d go there after all my classes and never spend any time at the college unless I had to. Going into my second I learned about Student Life, I made friends at the college and learned about events, tutoring, senate, and much more. My involvement in college actually created the success I have now.

You are incredibly active on campus, taking part in Student Senate, student life, and so much more. Why was it important for you to participate in these activities? What did you get out of it? What do you think you contributed to it?

I enjoy helping the students on campus every way I can through the food pantry, advocating for students in meetings, but most of all through events. I believe the events we host on campus give CLC a sense of community that can make students feel like they belong here, that they’re not alone. I know that was what it was for me before I was involved with events through Student Life. I didn’t feel I belong here. Once I started to attend I found my place and I grew as a person the more I got involved too.

Advice for other students thinking of following a similar path to yours?

To get involved in activities and clubs as much as you can. Become a part of this community because it will create life experiences and connections to last a lifetime. On the studies side, don’t take on your studies alone – use the tutors, classmates, instructors. Don’t let your pride like I did get in the way of your success.

Favorite memory at CLC?

Honestly, I can’t think of one. I have so many amazing memories here from the nerf gun wars (which I am and still am the champion of), to the Easter egg hunt at Staples last year, CLC carnival, to meeting some of the most meaningful friends I know.

What are you most proud of at CLC, out of all the amazing contributions you made?

While I know I will leave with multiple physical legacies, such as the calendar whiteboards on East and West wing, the Native quilt I made, discussion of the Humphrey Center and creating a Native American Center. These are all things I’m very proud of and can’t wait to see later in the future as a legacy. But what I’m most proud of is myself running for Student Senate president as a PSEO student… What I am most proud of is I believe I have opened a door for PSEO students to involved and not feel limited to just classes as I felt I was when I first came.

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