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CLC instructor meets with former US president

20160416_181921Central Lakes College political science instructor Steve Wenzel met and chatted with former U.S. President George W. Bush at a recent event at the Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas.

The president and former first lady Laura Bush put on an outdoor picnic dinner on the lawn of the Bush Presidential Library to recognize the people who were appointees of Bush in his administration.  There were about 500 people who attended, including former Cabinet members and U.S. Ambassadors to foreign countries.

Wenzel was appointed by Bush to be the Minnesota Director of Rural Development in the US Department of Agriculture in December 2000. Wenzel served in the position from 2001-09.

At the event, Wenzel and the others were given a VIP tour of the Bush Presidential Library and Center. He was also able to visit with both former President Bush and Laura Bush.

“It is truly a beautiful library and large enough to bring people there from all over the world who participate in public issue forums on world problems and concerns,” Wenzel said.

This is the second time Wenzel visited with a former President at his library. In June 2015 he spent several days at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, Georgia, and spent a considerable amount of time visiting with former President Carter.

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