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New “Math without Fear” class to start at CLC

A new math course at Central Lakes College will offer an avenue for students who test below the lowest developmental math class.

The new course, called “Math Without Fear,” is a full credit-bearing, financial aid-eligible option for students who need an extra hand in the subject. It’s scheduled to be offered this spring.

“This is the math class for people who have been avoiding taking a math class,” said course instructor Katie Smieja. “This will get people ready for that next step.”

The new course is an opportunity to reach students who don’t qualify for Fundamentals of Math, which is the lowest level math class currently available at the college.

Using hands-on activities and games, the new class will show students how math works and how it makes sense.

“This course helps students reduce anxiety, build confidence and experience math in a fun, low-stress environment so that they can build the skills to be successful in their math classes,” Smieja said.

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