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Customized Training Department meets with local business leaders

IMG_3670The Customized Training Department of Central Lakes college is dedicated to providing programming for individuals and organizations seeking to maximize skills and applications, while creating growth opportunities for the future with an ever-changing society. With the goal of becoming a long-term educational partner, the professionals will work with companies to identifyspecific training needs. The CTD builds customized courses with learning objectives that are tied directly to area organizations’ strategic plan to enrich skills, increase productivity, and improve revenue growth.

Recently the CTD has been provided a appropriation of funds from the state legislature to develop a innovative solution to employee development and sponsored employment. In the program proposal, the CTD will identify local small business manufacturers to collaborate with. In this collaboration qualified applicants will be enrolled into the program, after a knowledge based assessment, credit for prior learning will be given when reasonable. A hybrid learing model  and on the job instruction will deliver and validate skills necessary to perform the duties of skilled manufacturing. Upon completion participants will be awarded a credit bearing certificate of completion and will be eligible for employment based on employer qualifications and/or needs.

To be receptive to the business communities needs, the CTD discussed with area business leaders what aspects of the proposed program would be required to ensure value to the employer.

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