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CLC Cultural Thursday: Mysteries of the Anasazi

The next Cultural Thursday event will be held on February 5 at Central Lakes College. Sociologist Gary Payne will display images captured on photo safaris to the southwestern territories of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, which had been the homeland of the Anasazi, several closely related American Indian cultures. Payne will demonstrate how life was possible in the scorching heat of desert summers and icy cold high altitude winters common in this region. The history, geology, wildlife, vegetation, and artifacts in the area will be discussed in regard to how they affected Anasazi shelters, hunting, art and diet. 

“Mysteries of the Anasazi” will be presented at noon with an encore presentation scheduled for 7 pm. Both presentations will be held in the lecture lab E354 at the Brainerd campus. The event is free and open to the public.

Photo Caption: Local father and son photographic team Gary and Sayer Payne pause beneath a gigantic arch that remains after 60 million years of erosion at Utah’s Dead Horse Point State Park.

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