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World affairs programming

The Center for Lifelong Learning at Central Lakes College announces
the addition of the Great Decisions as part of its international programming,
allowing an opportunity to learn more about world affairs and their implications
for U.S. foreign policy. The Great Decisions
program has existed since the 1950s, instituted by the Foreign Policy
Association in New York City and co-sponsored by the Minnesota International
Association. Bob Passi, local program coordinator, said there are currently
Great Decisions groups in every state, but Minnesota has the
highest concentration of those groups. The Center for Lifelong
Learning is forming a group for the Brainerd Lakes Area to meet on a regular
schedule starting in April. Meetings of two hours in the afternoon  will be
based on eight topics for the year with a meeting for each of those
topics. Participants receive a book as part of their membership fee. At each session, a
DVD will be shown with additional information followed by discussion. The number
of participants will be limited. For
information on participating in Great Decisions, contact Bob Passi at
bobpassi@charter.net or (218) 825-0397. For information on The Center For
Lifelong Learning at Central Lakes College, visit www.clcmn.edu/lifelonglearning
or contact Bill Brekken at bbrekken@clcmn.edu or (218)

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