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Lifelong Learning kick-off

The Center for Lifelong Learning at Central Lakes College on Wednesday, Sept. 14 launched its organizational phase at an open house in the Brainerd campus cafeteria. About 65 attended, with Coordinator Bill Brekken joining Rebecca Best, dean of workforce, economic and regional development, to lead the session. Brekken said the effort brought together some critical insight and interest, with several committees forming and the first programming now into the development stage. Committees include marketing, development, program, career and life transition, enrichment exploration, and community building. Participants were surveyed about subjects and topics of interest for programming, as well as names of presenters or instructors, best days and times for programs. Assistance from the Unlimited Learning program based at Crosby was also welcomed at the open house. The Program Committee meets at 3 p.m. Sept. 20 in E317 at CLC. If interested, you are welcome to attend. Information is also available for anyone interested in the Marketing or Development committees. Just email Bill at bbrekken@clcmn.edu or call him at 218-855-8146.

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