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CLC among 50 fastest-growing colleges in nation

Central Lakes College, Brainerd and Staples, was the 22nd fastest-growing public, two-year college in the nation within its enrollment category in 2008. The Community College Week newspaper on Nov. 30 reported that it had compiled data on the nation’s fastest-growing community colleges. The survey was conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, a division of the U.S. Department of Education. The Fall Enrollment Survey surveyed enrollment headcount increases from fall 2007 to fall 2008, which placed colleges in four enrollment categories for comparison. Central Lakes College showed a 15.4 percent increase. The year before, CLC had grown by 14.8 percent to rank 12th. CLC’s headcount went from 3,343 to 3,858, an increase of 515 students, among colleges with enrollments of 2,500-4,999.

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