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Student Profile: Jennifer Fryer

For years, Jennifer Fryer had no interest in pursuing a higher education. Education wasn’t valued in her environment growing up. But a growing interest in mental health inspired her to go back to school. 

In her 40s and with a family of her own, it was a daunting task. But she’s found success in getting involved and saying yes to everything. Volunteering? Yes. Student clubs? Yes, of course.  

 “I felt I was depriving myself from an experience if I didn’t say yes,” she said. 

Now, after an incredibly successful two years at Central Lakes College, Jennifer will represent the CLC Honors Program as a student speaker at the college commencement. It’s an honor voted on by her instructors. 

The Honors Program encourages students to “explore, aspire, and lead.” That means giving students the opportunity to explore the content of their classes in creative and experiential ways. 

 Jennifer has embraced the essence of learning and found ways to make her educational journeys valuable to her own life and our community,” said Adam Marcotte, English Faculty & Honors Program Coordinator. “We also want students to find their passion, to ‘aspire’ in their learning once they discover how they can best contribute. Jennifer has consistently modeled what it looks like to be a life-long learner, and she inspires her peers, her family, and her instructors. Finally, the program offers students the opportunity to lead…and Jennifer has always been first to sign up for conferences, extracurricular activities, and helping those around her. Additionally, Jennifer has a talent for articulating her own learning journey, which not only conveys what she has learned, but encourages others to embrace learning as well.” 

Jennifer quickly found her place at CLC with a positive attitude and a friendly smile on her face. She got involved in The Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, President of the Psychology Club, Vice President of the Philosophy Club, Rainbow Coalition and did plenty of volunteering on and off campus.  

“It was so fun to get involved with all of these areas, so it didn’t feel busy,” she said. 

Coming to college while she herself has children in high school is actually an advantage, Jennifer said. The biggest benefit: Not having anything to prove to anyone. 

“I’m confident in my own skin,” she said. “I don’t have the inhabitations from when I was a kid.” 

It’s an added bonus that her children want to pursue a higher education as well. 

“If people want to seek a higher education, it offers so much more in career opportunities. And it gives you a way to navigate through life more confidently, especially with the critical thinking skills.” 

Up next for Jennifer: The ultimate goal is to obtain a Doctorate in Psychology with a focus in research. But first, she’ll come back to CLC for a Fine Arts Degree. At the same time, she’ll do online courses toward her Bachelors in Psychology.  

For those who are considering heading back to school, Jennifer suggests to start working on a good sleep schedule now and have a good support system in place.  

“Just know that you are worth it,” she said. “You are worth an education, and you will find a way.” 

And if you’re considering CLC: 

“This place is very special,” Jennifer said. “There is some sort of magic here at CLC. I don’t know how or why it happens, but it’s great!” 


More about the CLC Honors Program: www.clcmn.edu/honors-certificate/ 

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