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Skills cadets graduate from CLC 

Sixteen students graduated from Central Lakes College’s Peace Officer Skills Program on Friday. 

These students have completed two years of general education and Peace Officer studies, and now have been through an intense eight-week training program. This unique program allows students to get in the driver’s seat of new, state-of-the-art squad cars that come with the same software that officers use on the streets today. Students are also trained in firearms, defense tactics, using a Taser, chemical aerosol, radar and using LIDAR. 

“These men and women spent the last eight weeks in training to prepare to be a peace officer,” said Gae Davis, CLC Criminal Justice Coordinator. “The training was challenging and as we watched these individuals grow over the summer, we saw the students’ bond and grow as a team. This class has a passion to make their communities a safe place to live.” 


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