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CLC Early Childhood Education alumna opens early learning center

CLC alumna Morgan Dabill recently opened Wild Roots Early Learning Center in Pine River. While at CLC, she received a certificate in Special Education in 2017; an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2018; and a Business Assistant certificate in 2021. Here is how she got to where she is today:

  1. What was your experience like at CLC?  Most of my courses were online, but I really enjoyed my time spent on campus! My overall CLC experience was great and I had absolutely zero issues or complaints. I appreciated the variety of courses and degree options, and as a mom, the online course options were vital to my ability to finish college!
  2. How would you describe your instructors? I loved each and every one of my instructors at CLC! It was always evident that they cared about their students’ futures and wanted everyone to succeed. The instructors that I had were responsive to questions, always willing to help or explain things more in depth when needed, and helped me apply things I was learning to my daily life. One instructor in particular really made an impact in my life and that is Cindy Tougas-Mann. Cindy believed that I would one day open my own child care business and always spoke as though it was a given. She gave me so much confidence and knowledge that I have carried with me for the past 5 years and I think of her often, especially as I finally did open my own business!
  3. How did your experiences at CLC prepare you for your career? Without my CLC experience, I may not have been able to start a business. When I approached lenders, they needed evidence that I had what it took to be successful. Having college education in both Early Childhood Education and Business showed them that I have put in the work to become knowledgeable about the field I was starting a business in.
  4. What are your future goals? My goal is to continue growing and improving Wild Roots Early Learning Center in order to provide the highest level of child care for the families in our community. I would also love to mentor others in the field – I currently have two CLC students on my team!
  5. What do you want others to know about CLC and it’s Early Childhood Education program? If you are interested in a career working with children, I highly suggest CLC. There are a variety of degree options to fit your needs, and the courses are so interesting! If you have children of your own (or plan to), the knowledge gained will help you at home as well! I also understand that the thought of taking on college courses can seem terrifying, especially if you are working full time and/or have a family to care for. Don’t let that stop you! There are so many options to fit your life and schedule. Before ruling it out, talk with an advisor! It could truly change your future as it did mine. I would like to say thank you to everyone at CLC who helped me along the way!

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