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CLC’s next Cultural Thursday focuses on Papua New Guinea

Central Lakes College English and Global Studies instructor Lori-Beth Larsen will speak on her experience of growing up in Papua New Guinea for the March 4 Cultural Thursday program. The free event will be held at noon on Thursday, March 4.

To join the Zoom webinar, please register with your name and e-mail address at the following link: https://tinyurl.com/xaw4n02b. Viewers can also participate in the Q&A afterward. Those who register can also watch the recorded presentation at a later date.

Larsen grew up in Papua New Guinea, living in a rural village from 2 years old through high school. Her parents had moved to Papua New Guinea to work in literacy, linguistics and community development. Hear about how these childhood experiences continue to shape Larsen’s identity.

For more information about this presentation or the Cultural Thursday program, contact Tracey Kloeckl-Jimenez at 218-855-8183.

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