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CLC announces spring Cultural Thursday dates

Feb. 6 “Equality, Civil Rights and Justice” with presenter Bukata Hayes

To recognize and honor Black History Month, Central Lakes College Cultural Thursdays Program and the Office of Equity & Inclusion are once again hosting Bukata Hayes, executive director of the Greater Mankato Diversity Council. Hayes will discuss the concept of love and struggle as the motivation for the movement for equality, civil rights, and justice both in the past and in our current day. Live stream the event here: https://youtu.be/IFNOMKgEHUA


March 5 “An Update on Venezuela” with presenter Rosymar Hjermstad

In conjunction with International Women’s Day events, Rosymar Hjermstad, who is originally from Venezuela, will give an update on what is currently happening in her native country. Since the Bolivarian Revolution of 1999, there has been great upheaval in this Spanish-speaking South American nation. By mid-2019, more than four million Venezuelans, about 13 percent of the country’s population, have left the country or emigrated (most of them in the last five years). Get a better understanding of this country’s ongoing political and economic crisis. Hjermstad is the project director of Raider Connect Services at Central Lakes College. Live stream the event here: https://youtu.be/NC0ZvTz2sT4


April 9 “Tanzania: Teaching and Growing” with presenter Helene Danielson CANCELED

Please note: This is the second Thursday of the month.

Helene Danielson spent the month of June 2019, teaching English to under-resourced children in Tanzania. She came home filled with gratitude and hope, a desire to simplify life, and a disdain for plastic bags. Through a partnership between Concordia College and the Grumeti Fund, community outreach is provided to children in villages bordering the Grumeti Game Reserve, just north of Serengeti National Park. Danielson will discuss her experiences with the children she served, as well as the animals she saw while living on the game reserve (think elephants every day, baboons that stole supplies, and two amazing game drives to observe wildlife). When Helene is not off on an adventure, she can be found teaching Language Arts at Forestview Middle School. Live stream the event here: https://youtu.be/OVaZKUp8sQs


May 7 “My Life in Norway” with presenter John Lund CANCELED

John Lund is a 2016 graduate of Staples-Motley High School and is a current student of Central Lakes College. For most of 2017 and 2018, Lund was a student living in the beautiful Nordic nation of Norway. Minnesota is known for its heavy Norwegian heritage, but what is it really like for a young American to live in Norway and experience the language and culture along with the natives? Live stream the event here: https://youtu.be/Qfn_exXPB9g


These events are being co-sponsored by the CLC Office of Equity and Inclusion. Each is held in the Chalberg Theatre, CLC Brainerd campus, and are free and open to the public.

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