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Verse Like Water to host poet Spencer Reece

Central Lakes College’s Verse Like Water program will host the American poet Spencer Reece at 12 p.m. on March 27 in the Chalberg Theatre, Brainerd campus. The event is free and open to the public.

Born in 1964, Spencer has inhabited a number of identities. For years, he worked as a clerk in high end men’s stores; he is a former prodigious drinker, but has mended his ways; he studied theology at Yale and Harvard, and is currently an Episcopalian priest working for a bishop in Madrid.

His two books of poetry, The Clerk and The Road to Emmaus have earned serious critical acclaim and notable literary prizes. He has a new memoir coming out called The Little Entrance: Devotions, and this book hovers thematically over a number of poets who have influenced him, and who also inspired him in his youth as he grew up gay in Edina.

The event is sponsored by the CLC Foundation, Five Wings Arts Council and Minnesota Public Radio.

The final Verse Like Water reading of the year will be Pulitzer Prize winning poet Peter Balakian, who had to reschedule his reading at CLC twice because of illness and weather. Balakian will read at noon on April 29 in the Chalberg Theatre. This event is also free and open to the public.



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