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November 1st – Cultural Thursday

In conjunction with Native American History Month, Central Lakes College will explore modern Anishinaabe Culture and Identity through Film for its upcoming Cultural Thursday program.  CLC will host  local film director, writer, producer and editor Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr., who will lead an informational session on the filming and content of his short film “Shinaab” (2017, US, 8 min.). This event will take place on Thursday, November 1st at noon in the Chalberg Theatre on the CLC Brainerd campus. The program will not be recorded but will be live-streamed on the CLC Live-streaming YouTube Channel for those who are not able to be on campus in person.

Director Lyle Corbine will begin by showing his short film “Shinaab”, which was chosen as an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival last year.  After a brief introduction, and a showing of the film, Corbine will conduct a Q & A session with the audience entitled “‘Shinaab: A Personal Metamodern Portrayal of a Disappearing Culture”.

How do we honor our family’s cultural identity while trying to adapt to “mainstream” culture? Who gets to determine what is acceptable culture?  Why are we not readily able to adapt our societal culture when new cultural identities are added?  How do we incorporate our varied cultural heritages in what we decide to teach our children? These are some of the questions which several CLC staff recently presented to the film’s director.

According to the Walker Art Center (which ran the film as a part of their exhibit entitled “DNA//Memory: Storytelling and Cultural Heritage”:  Shinaab follows a young Anishinaabe man as he struggles with his place in the inner-city. According to the film’s director, Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr.: “‘Shinaab’ explores personal loneliness and a desire to return to a lost tradition”.   Corbine, the recipient of several grants from the Sundance Institute and the Minnesota State Arts Board, is a Sundance Institute-Time Warner Story Fellow as well as a Sundance Institute Feature Film Program Directors Lab Fellow. Through these fellowships, he is being mentored by world-renowned writers, directors, and producers throughout the development and production of his first feature film, “Wild Indian”. Shinaab Poster FINAL Nov.2718 (1)

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