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Meet our new Upward Bound staff

If you’ve stopped into The Bridge recently, you’ve probably seen a few new faces. Here’s your chance to learn all about our new Upward Bound staff!


Name: Amanda Small

Position: TRIO Upward Bound Advisor and Equity & Inclusion Compliance Specialist

Where are you from? I consider Brainerd my hometown.

Family info: Ben (very soon to be 16), Gaby (13), Wally (6yo fur baby)

Your education: BA Social Work, recently applied to grad school for Sociology

What do you like about your job? Students! Teaching self-advocacy and supporting student success.

Advice to students: You only know what you know, so explore your world and expand your perspective. Learn something new every day.



Name: Jenni Brose

Position: Assistant Director of TRIO Upward Bound Programs

Where are you from? Howard Lake, Minnesota

Family info: Married with three boys

Your education: Master of Arts in Education

What do you like about your job? Learning about the Upward Bound programs and the students we serve.

Advice to students: “Persevere. Life is full of ups and downs and many curve balls. Don’t be afraid to take an alternate route when the roadblock is not gonna budge.” (Tamra Becker Hall)



Name: Cash Robinson 

Position: Upward Bound Academic Advisor & Equity Inclusion Retention Coach

Where are you from? I’m from Miramar FL , located on the boarder of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Family info: I have no family but my kids in Minnesota (Not married). Most of my family lives in Florida & New York.

Your education: I have a Bachelor’s in Social Work and Organizational Behavior

Advice to students: A phase I like to share with others is: “Be open to new experiences. The connection you make can last a lifetime.”



Name: Kevin Lattu

Position: Upward Bound Academic Advisor

Where are you from? St. Paul, MN

Family info: I have a large but close-knit extended family.

Your education: B.A. Social Studies Education, Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.

What do you like about your job? I love being able to work one on one with students, helping them to reach their goals and ambitions.

Advice to students: Learning about yourself in college is just as important as learning the class material. Put yourself out there, take risks, and try new things!

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