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CLC Foundation awards more than $130,000 in scholarships

More than $130,000 was awarded this fall semester to deserving and qualified Central Lakes College students through the CLC Foundation.

Each student application was read, reviewed and rated at least three times. Thirty-nine percent of applicants were awarded a scholarship.

The spring scholarship application will open on Sept. 1

“I am thrilled to be a part of the CLC Foundation and help students succeed through access to scholarships. I am impressed with the process Sara (Foundation Assistant Director) has in place and am in awe of the generosity of our donors who provide scholarship dollars,” said Jana Shogren, director of Resource Development & Central Lakes College Foundation. “Hearing from past recipients about the barriers we are able to remove through scholarships motivates me to keep the good work of the Foundation moving forward!”


A few words from students:

“This scholarship has given me a chance to expand my business knowledge and my appreciation for the many wonderful community members. Your generosity will allow me to continue my education and prepare me for future endeavors.”

– Nicole Brown, Harvey Paulson Memorial Scholarship Fund recipient, pursuing a degree in Business Management.


“I plan to pursue a career utilizing my education and experiences but most importantly, I hope to use what I have learned at CLC to make a difference in my community. I feel it is very important to not only appreciate the opportunities I have received but also to pay them back to others. Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous gift which made this scholarship possible.”

– Spencer Tiboni, Steve Schluender Memorial Scholarship Fund recipient, enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Operations & Maintenance program.


“It’s not always easy to juggle school, work and family so, I am teruly grateful for the assistance that I am receiving because of your thoughtful gift. When I graduate i hope that i can use what i have learned at CLC to make a difference people’s lives, the same way that you have mad adifference in mine.”

– Melissa Deseth, Carder Family Fund, pursuing both an Associates Degree in Nursing as well as an Associates in Arts Degrees.

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