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Join the Juniper Extraction Project

The CLC Campus Beautification Committee would like to invite you to join us for a couple of hours on Tuesday, July 12th for the Juniper Extraction Project! (If cancelled due to rain, we will move it to Tuesday, July 26th).

The Scope: Several Juniper bushes by the South entrance (to the left and right of Door 24) are dead underneath and need to be removed. We are going to remove the shrubs, rake over the dirt, and lay down woodchips which need to be raked out as well. When the chips are down we can move a few purple benches out onto the area for some temporary seating.

The Task: There will be no heavy lifting involved; we primarily need assistance raking. The Maintenance Department will be pulling the shrubs and taking them to a burning pile. They will bring back wood chips from a pile CLC has on the property.

The Necessities: Please bring gloves and dress appropriately with pants and shoes that cover your feet. The bushes are scratchy and the dirt and chips are messy on the feet. Rakes will be provided.

The Time: We’ll be working 8am-3pm, so come when you can!

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