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CLC announces program change

Central Lakes College strives to be a good steward of student tuition and state appropriations. The college’s goal is to provide students with options that lead to employment on high-skill, high-wage jobs and to provide transfer students with relevant courses that easily transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

As part of that effort, the college is currently examining its program offerings to ensure resources are being directed to where they’re needed most.

Programs are being evaluated on a variety of factors, including enrollment history, long-term trends, and employment outlook.

As a result of this review, the Photo Technology Program will be suspended in Spring 2017. Students currently enrolled in the program will finish their degrees or diplomas as planned.

In addition, photography courses that are currently offered through the art department and other programs will continue to be available.

Throughout the remainder of the year, CLC administrators and faculty will continue to update academic offerings.

The college anticipates new program majors being available, and the expansion of others, in Fall 2016.

“The future for CLC is bright,” Hietala said. “Our goal is to remain relevant to current needs and those emerging on the horizon. Students and their families can remain confident that we’re tuned-in and working hard to bring the future into our present academic efforts.”

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