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February Cultural Thursday: Thailand

CLC Cultural Thursdays Spring Series Begins with Thailand
The Spring semester of
Cultural Thursday events will begin on February 6 at noon in the Chalberg
Theater at the Brainerd campus of Central Lakes College. CLC English instructor
Lori-Beth Larsen will give a presentation on her travels to Thailand last
Cultural Thursday events are held the first Thursday of each
month as part of the Resource Center for Cultures and Languages of the Americas
(RCCLA) at Central Lakes College.  They range from travelogue to
introducing the cultures of our International students and neighbors.

This will be the first
Cultural Thursday emphasizing travel with a child.  “It is so
important to include children in early cultural experiences,” Larsen
stated. “Their very presence opens conversations and doors. We can share
in their awe of first time experiences. They are filled with questions and
fresh perspectives. During this Cultural Thursday, my daughter, Maritza, will
be adding her input to our travel presentation of our journey to
The Spring Cultural
Thursday Series also includes:  March 6: Vestertine Tribal Dance with
Jessica Bleichner and Meggan Denny-Shepard;  April 3: Greneda, 40 Years
Later with CLC Instructor, Gary Payne; and May 1: “Fun Foreign Fotos”
with CLC Instructor, Jan Kurtz.  There will be a ‘fiesta’ following to
commemorate 15 years of Cultural Thursdays.  
For more information on
Cultural Thursdays, contact Jan Kurtz at 855-8183 or jkurtz@clcmn.edu

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