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Appointed by Governor

Dr. William Faber of Cushing, head of the Central Lakes College
natural resources program in Brainerd, has been appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton
to serve on the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources. The LCCMR is made up of 17 members:
five senators, five representatives, five citizens appointed by the governor, one
citizen appointed by the senate, and one citizen appointed by the House. According to membership criteria
adopted in 2008, LCCMR members “must have experience or expertise in the
science, policy, or practice of the protection, conservation, preservation, and
enhancement of the state’s air, water, land, fish, wildlife, and other natural
resources; have strong knowledge in the state’s environment and natural resource
issues around the state; and have demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative

Faber’s appointment is for one
year, set to expire Jan. 6, 2014, with the opportunity to be re-authorized one
additional year. Until December 2014, he is serving on the Minnesota DNR
Wildlife Oversight Committee, a post to which he was named in December of 2011
by Tom Landwehr, DNR commissioner.
The function of the LCCMR is to
make funding recommendations to the legislature for special environment and
natural resource projects, primarily from the Environment and Natural Resources
Trust Fund (ENRTF). These projects help maintain and enhance Minnesota’s environment
and natural resources.
The LCCMR developed from a program
initiated in 1963. Since 1963, over $735 million has been appropriated to more
than 1,700 projects recommended to the legislature by the Commission to protect
and enhance Minnesota’s environment and natural resources.
The New York-born Faber is a native
of Fridley, a 1985 University of Minnesota graduate in Wildlife Biology, and
has a second degree from St. Cloud State University, where he taught for three
He is a moose expert who spent 13 years in Sweden
and elsewhere in Europe for doctoral research.
Faber, who is a certified wildlife biologist, is
in his 10th year as an instructor at CLC. He also serves as a supervisor on the
Morrison County Soil and Water Conservation District. He is the Minnesota
Chapter of the Wildlife Society representative to the Minnesota Conservation
Federation. He is the president of the Lake Alexander Property Owners
Association. He is an avid wetlands conservation advocate.
Gov. Dayton also appointed Norman Moody of
Hackensack to the LCCMR. His is a four-year term.
Moody was
the Cass County land commissioner the past 16 years. He has experience working
for the DNR and the University of Minnesota.
He has held a number of resource management positions in Beltrami
County. He earned a master of forestry degree and a bachelor of science in
wildlife management degree from the University of Minnesota. He is a member of
the Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society, Minnesota Sharptail Grouse Society,
Ruffed Grouse Society, and Woodcock Minnesota. He has been an executive board
member of the Deep Portage Foundation since 1994.

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