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Ag & Energy Expo

Central Lakes
College (CLC) in Staples invites the public to “power up” as it hosts the third
Ag and Energy Expo on Saturday, Feb. 9. This free event, which runs from
9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., is a chance to hear about and witness demonstrations of the
latest innovations and research fostered on behalf of renewable energy. It is
co-sponsored by Mid-Central Federal Savings Bank (MCFSB), Wadena, and the CLC
Agricultural and Energy Center, Staples.

“We are striving to
keep agriculture and the go-green, eco-friendly movement in the forefront of
our growing markets and communities,” said Julia Palmer of MCFSB.  “It is reassuring to know that as a team of businesses
professionals and college specialists, we are keeping our region on the map.”
            Palmer said that the event brings together
the leading professionals and practitioners from energy companies who work to
provide environment-friendly technology, green energy and highly efficient
energy forms. The resulting knowledge could support better technical practices
and brighter ideas to meet the demand for clean energy.
“Issues and problems which face the industry are brought to the table,”
she said, “while businesses display their products and services to potential
clientele to foster stronger and better business relations.”
The day offers a showcase of energy industry products and services of
interest to building and other property owners, contractors, property managers,
engineers, government energy specialists, and anyone interested in the future
of energy. Topics include green engineering techniques, air filtration, energy
auditing and verification.
Sessions will cover all energy sectors, Palmer
said. These include wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, oceanic, and bioenergy.
David Winkelman will display a new purchase – a
used Chevrolet pick-up with a 6.6-liter and VW Jetta diesel engine he plans to
operate using Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO). Students in the CLC Diesel
Technology program will show a conversion power plant operating on SVO.
Others displaying innovations in energy will
include leaders from Widseth, Smith & Nolting and Hunt Utilities Group.
“We will provide an unmatched opportunity to connect with other energy
industry experts, influential business leaders, conservationists, and green
building enthusiast, as they share innovative techniques to address the energy
issues and advance the green building movement,” Palmer said.
more information, contact Palmer at (218) 639-7615, (218) 640-0193, or email

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