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Rosenmeier Forum

Central Lakes College in Brainerd on Tuesday, March 5 will host a Rosenmeier Forum titled “The Future of Renewable Energy one Minnesota.” The forum will be from 7 to 9:30 p.m. in Chalberg Theatre. The four presenters: Craig Fink, a principal owner of Denali (a
Minnesota-based wind energy industry); Jason Edens, director of the Rural
Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) in Pine River; Troy Goodnough, Sustainability
Director at the U of M/Morris; and former State Senator Ellen Anderson (shown), now
Senior Advisor to the Governor on Energy and Environment. The purpose of the forum is to follow up on the implementation of the state of Minnesota’s energy policy
that was formulated five years ago, in which one quarter of our energy is to
come from renewable sources by 2025. The forum will explore what is happening at
both the local and state levels in support of this energy standard. “In addition
to renewable energy being better for the health of humans and the planet, all
indicators suggest that many economic advantages, such as good-paying job
opportunities, accompany the move to renewable, clean energy,” said Laura Raedeke, event chair. “We hope to get a
large audience for this important and timely forum.” For information, contact Laura at (218) 963-3877, or raedekel@gmail.com.

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