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Ghana next Cultural Thursday

Genevieve Avevor of Ghana presents the next Cultural Thursday program at Central Lakes College, a free, public event on May 3 in Room E 203 (Business & Industry Center), on the Brainerd campus. She is a student attending CLC for one year through the Community College for International Development program. She is majoring in business. Following an internship this spring, Gen returns to Ghana to continue studies and move toward her goal of creating a business using the training obtained at CLC in the Business Management program. About Ghana and the Cultural Thursday program, she said: “Ghana has many
cultural activities to boast of.  Some
are festivals, language, food, music, art and craft and tourism.  Festivals are celebrated throughout Ghana
with rites and rituals.  They cover
rights of passage, child birth, marriage and death.  They include thrilling durbars of chiefs,
queen mothers decorated and processions in palanquins. I look forward to sharing my country with the community.”

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