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College self-improvement effort

The Central Lakes College community is focused on measurements that convey the degree of success the institution has achieved in preparing its students for endeavors of choice. In advance of an accreditation team visit and review of improvements that will be acknowledged by the Higher Learning Commission, the HLC Steering Committee at CLC is hosting forums — brown-bag lunches — on the Brainerd and Staples. Self-study is a process that shows strengths and challenges, and the current state of this self-study is open for input from students and staff through this series of forums. Administrators Rebecca Best (shown) and Charles Black Lance led the first forum, which examined the Engagement and Service criterion, which is one of five related to the self-study. The forums and administrative-assigned workshops for staff and faculty are also aimed at upgrading CLC’s status in a performance dashboard of accountability established by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

Areas of under-performance in the dashboard indicate CLC needs to improve in the area of persistence and placement as well as student opinion of learning and student engagement measures. “We know that the best marketers of CLC are our students through their immediate
contacts–friends and family members who might attend CLC in the future,” said CLC President Dr. Larry Lundblad. “We have begun to address these lower measures… We need to decide on further actions that will benefit students.  The HLC
self-study process is a place where we can have some good conversation about
these challenges and others. And, we need to start systematically addressing
these and other issues. It will take all of us working together on behalf of

Upcoming brown-bag lunch-time meetings!
Wed., Feb. 15 (Staples Campus) and
Thurs. or Fri., Feb. 16 or 17 (Brainerd Campus)
Criteria 1 – Mission and Integrity
presented by Dr. Larry Lundblad and Mary Sam.
Wed. Feb. 29  (Staples Campus) and
Thurs. or Fri., March 1 or 2 (Brainerd Campus)
Criteria 3 – Student Learning and
Effective Teaching
presented by Dr. Suresh Tiwari and
Michael Amick.
Wed. Mar. 21 (Staples Campus) and Thurs.
or Fri., March 22 or 23 (Brainerd Campus)
Criteria 2 – Preparing for the Future
presented by Kari Christiansen and Wendy Adamson
Wed. April 11 (Staples Campus) and
Thurs. or Fri. April 12 or 13 (Brainerd Campus)
Criteria 4 – Acquisition, Discovery and
Application of Knowledge
presented by Nick Heiserer and Nancy

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