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Migratory birds observed

The Central Lakes College Natural Resources Club on Saturday, Sept. 17 traveled to Duluth with advisers Gary Carson and Dr. Bill Faber for a day observing migrating hawks and other raptors, such as this Arctic subspecies, juvenile peregrine falcon. They were accompanied by several international students, who were especially thrilled to have the opportunity to see some rare winged species up close. The activity centered around the Hawks Ridge Bird Observatory at Duluth, where birds are captured so that federal bird bands may be attached. Participating club members were Brandee Stomberg, Jessica Pearson, Steve McKay, Robert Babb, Stephanie Burley, Ron Tscheu, Ashley Peterson, McCale Carter, Brianna Dufour, Katie Geissler, Cassandra Beack, John Allord, Jason Gildardt, Luke Burlingame, and Jeff Carbert. International students included Imran Samuel and Irshad Hussain, Pakistan; Karmila Seran, Indonesia; and Genevieve Avevor, Ghana. (Photo by Ashley Peterson)

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