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Student YouTube video

Why is Central Lakes College important to you? Central Lakes College students weigh in with videotaped comments on the value of their educational experience at the community and technical college in a YouTube clip that runs two minutes but conveys a powerful message. With their short statements, CLC students demonstrate their dreams of accomplishing great things as graduates entering the workforce. “It is the collective effort by faculty, administration, and staff that gives us the tools to help us on our way,” stated Steve Sabin and Toy Ross-McRae, respective presidents of the Brainerd and Staples student senates. The video went to several legislators who will vote on higher education funding. Replies showed appreciation for and awareness of education as part of the economic recovery. Supportive lawmakers note that higher earnings of CLC students and associated increases in state income expand the tax base in Minnesota by about $16.5 million each year. Some said they are parents of successful CLC graduates for whom the experience was essential enroute to employment. The video can be viewed at the following link: http://youtu.be/4xyvM7DI3Iw?hd=1
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