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Professional leads videography

Central Lakes College has a new educational degree program at the Staples campus: videography. Instructor Mark Ambroz, who worked as a staff photographer for KARE-11 TV, is an award-winning producer who knows all phases of the fast-growing profession. His expertise continues to be in demand through his business, One Guy Short Productions. He is pleased to add “instructor” to his impressive resume and has begun to recruit students who share a passion for creativity using the best technology around. Ambroz will demonstrate videography at the Sunday, Nov. 21 open house on the Staples campus from 1 to 4 p.m. CLC reports the course at Staples is one of few programs of its kind outside the Twin Cities area. “We have the hottest JVC cameras out there,” he said of the $12,000 units at the center of a new studio, where students use assorted lighting and six flat-panel LEDs illuminate the set. “Our goal is to give students production packages to work in two-person crews.” These are all tools Ambroz uses to obtain the stunning imagery and sound that are trademarks of good videography. His quest for the best includes four years as a producer of the original “Minnesota Bound” with Ron Schara. Students in the program will develop the skills needed to professionally capture and manipulate video footage using audio sound rooms, video production studios, the latest creative software suites and high tech computer labs. As graduates they will have job titles such as visual effects editor, videographer, producer, graphics designer, key grip, editor, director, cinematographer, broadcast designer, location manager and writer. For information on the videography program call (218) 894-5171 or 1-800-247-6836, ext. 5171 or email mambroz@clcmn.edu
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